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26 Oct

I’m at home minding my own business and mom calls me and is like “your aunt’s car broke down and I need to pick your sister up so go ahead and start the dinner”. I start cooking and is done around the time she comes home. All she did when she walk in the door was BITCH! No thank you for cooking for tonight or cleaning the whole house or making it smell wonderful.

I know a daughter should do some of these thing anyway but my mother never says thank you or sorry.  It’s nice to hear a thank you at least once in my lifetime from MY OWN FREAKING MOTHER!


Night Out

6 Oct

Sooo last night me and my best friend took this straight black guy (like all hood and shit guy) to metro a gay club in my area. When we got out the car he thought that it was a costume party but when he started seeing dykes and the drag show started he was like wtf. It was soooo funny. He was mad and very uncomfortable but I really enjoyed the show!  It was halloween themed and those queens were werking it! WERK!    This older lady bought we an my friend a drink  😉

I thought you were my friend…

28 Sep

So my first year at a new high school (11th grade) I became friends with a group of girls. Everything was good until the next school year. One friend moved away, one became a hoe, one became anorexic, and the last no one had classes with except me.

So the anorexic one (she won’t admit to it but everyone knows no one is naturally that skinny and she doesn’t eat nothing but a bag of chips a day) we stayed friends for most of the school year. I really didn’t connect with her at the end because she was even more anorexic then before and started hanging out with the fake people in school (white’s and oreo’s that try to brag about how much money they have and pretend to like everyone). So naturally I spent less and less time with her.

The one that moved away went into the military and we still are best friends we just talk much less.

The hoe, she wasn’t always a hoe but the next school year (12th grade) she broke up with her bf and started dressing slutty and smoking weed and having sex with every boy she met over the internet. I, her current bf, and her best friend were in the same class together. We will call her best friend Kayla. We sat together and became friends. After grad bash I took them out of town and we had fun minus the hoe (she was all wrapped up into her bf) so me and the “Kayla” had fun stayed out and partied. Me and the “Kayla” started with drawing away from the hoe because she was sooooo wrapped up with her bf. I tried multiple time s to hang out with her but she never followed through. So the next time I went out of town I took “Kayla” only and we had a lot of fun. Ever since “Kayla” got her new bf she hasn’t talked to me. So today I went on Facebook and there are pic of the hoe and “Kayla” hanging out together. I didn’t mind but it was like hey y’all could have called me and asked if I wanted to hang out too, I mean because we all became really close friends… like really close. It just kind of aggravated me. Maybe I’m wrong for feeling like that? Maybe I’m overreacting?

*the only reason I’m calling the girl “the hoe” is to differentiate the people without revealing their names*