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10 Oct

Lately a lot of things have been putting me down in the dumps *le sigh*.

My mom just loves to critizes everything about me. I know I don’t have perfect skin or hair but can once in my lifetime you tell me that I am beautiful when I’m not dress up for an event.

In ballet there are these two girls who oviusly aren’t beginners and when choreographing the dance for the upcoming performance my teacher focuses on them more and give them all the good parts. When I do something wrong she will tell me I’m soing it wrong but soesnt help correct me. This is very fustrating.

I am supposse to be higher than this type of math but I’ve been making 70’s and 80’s. I know people will say “oh those are good grades”, but this is 9th and 10th grade math and I’m in college.  I should be in college algebra. I just feel so stupid.

Although these may seem like small problems but they are a huge part of my life.



26 Sep

ok so in high school we were given the CPT and I was mentally tired so of course I did bad on the cpt.  I was one point away from college algebra. So now I’m in elementgary algebra and I got a 69 on my first test.  I feel so stupid. I came from one of the top five high schools in the us and I fail a fucking basic math test… WTF!